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Our Mission

Make it both possible and probable for the average hard-working student to graduate from high school with a college degree. In order to achieve this objective, facilitate a comprehensive extension of the CLEP curriculum, such that it is possible by this means alone to obtain a bachelor's degree in one of several basic degree programs, such as business administration, mathematics, political science and communications.


College dropout rates and student debt is at a all time high creating a higher education crisis in the United States. A new education initiative called High School University (HSU) is poised to rock the educational world. HSU can solve the education crises in the United States. HSU ‘s mission is to make it possible for the average hardworking student to graduate from High School with a Bachelor’s Degree in one of several basic degree programs.

The biggest problem facing college students today is the financial burden of getting a degree and the failure to get a degree. HSU will bring financial relief to any student that participates in it. A recent study called the American Dream 2.0 report which was funded by the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation, showed that 46% of those who enter a U.S. college fail to graduate within six years. The report, asserts that at a time when college tuitions are skyrocketing faster than income, financial aid is in decline. As a result, student loan debt is at record highs. Since 2002, student loan borrowing has doubled. It is now at $113 billion. Many students cannot handle the financial burden, they start to question the value of the education and whether it is worth it in today’s lukewarm job market. In most cases they end up with large debt and no degree in the end. (Burke, 2013). Another study by Harvard Graduate School of Education called “Pathways to Prosperity” showed that of 18 countries tracked by the Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development, the United States finished last (46 percent) of students who completed college once they started it. It also showed that a four-year college education tripled in price between 1980-2010. (Cariozo, 2012).

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